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Naturegazers The Blossoms The Bees and The Trees – Revisited;

Well since the first posting on this blog about The Blossoms The Bees And The Trees we can now provide an update as we have waited patiently for the fruit develop and show if the variety of Peach prevailed from the cuttings taken from the original parent Peach Tree.

Here is a quick presentation of the resulting fruit set.


Fantastic  for eating or preserving these Peaches have a gorgeous golden colour flesh with hearty red centres, they’re tasty and juicy, and the fruit is of good size and of the non-clingstone variety.

The most intriguing point is the hereditary growth form of the trees to the parent that the cuttings were taken from. Both have the same characteristic deformation of the main trunk of the tree. The trunk splits and heals leaving a deep gash that runs the length of the trunk.

Any helpful comments for a solution are most welcome. 

Hope you enjoyed the quick video. 

You can see the first posting The Blossoms The Bees And The Trees here

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Blossoms Bees and Trees.

A joy to see the blossoms and bees surrounding these young peach trees.

This short amateur video titled The Blossoms, The Bees, and The Trees inspired me to create a nature lovers group on Facebook   called Naturgazers of the World  its a place to share your own personal experiences with anything about our natural world.

And now the story behind the video…You  see for years I have always been amazed by the fruit of a very old Peach tree, this tree has to be at least 60 years old.   How it survives and not fallen to the  ground yet still keeps me in admiration of the adaptability of our natural world for its own survival. You see the trunk of this tree is held by only 40% of its original form, some form of rot had effected its growth. Yet it still stands and stills bears fruit,  each winter I will prune it lovingly to stop it growing too tall (don’t want that fruit out of reach or have too much weight on that rotten trunk)image flowering young peach tree

Every season I have pruned this tree I will take some of the best looking cuttings to try and propagate, alas I had very little success… tried potting using rooting hormone powder, tried grafting on a  stock trunk of another variety, also just stuck em straight into the soil but just never had any success. Yet about 4 years ago after I had been repeating my seasonal ritual for the cuttings it seems two cuttings of  the previous seasons growth had taken ( they had set root and they where survivors)  These cuttings where not older wood stock they where the purple colour you would see of growth ready to bear fruit in the new season, I took two cuttings about 24 inches long took my knife and scarred the bark from what would be a new bud about 6 inches above the base down to the bottom and stuck em in the soil. Now 4 years later I can’t wait for the fruit as both trees throw a huge blossom show and the bees have been busy.

the cute cheeky bee pic at the end of the movie is priceless, bet he makes you smile.

The Blossoms The Bees and The Trees by TrevPearman.

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Naturegazers; The wonders of waterfalls.  WAIRERE FALLS

The Cascade, the Intrigue, the Adventure , the Roar and Rush,the Awe of the powerful force.             Wairere Falls is a must visit sight to see for anyone that shares an interest in the wonderful world of nature.

For years I had driven the highway visibly seeing and knowing there was a waterfall far away in the distance  cascading down from the Kaimai Ranges. And without detour I continued to drive by for many years and know of its presence yet just never had the opportunity to explore this magnificent place as others didn’t share my passion for exploration of this natural wonder.
Then one day after the years had ticked by  my friend took me to the place that intrigued me so much.
“have you ever been to that place?” I asked 
“oh yes! it’s called Wairere Falls, would you like to go there”  he replied
imagine my surprise and welcome of such an opportunity… I had to go there so that I may witness the magnificence of  the natural force at work.

 I certainly was not disappointed even though our trip was rather hurried. It’s really worth a visit especially when you reach the top and look back at the spectacular views, once at the top you can trek further and follow the source (we didn’t have enough time) but the next time I go I’m going to take my wife and a picnic hamper and enjoy the day.

I made a slide show video from the digital camera stills I had taken ( its amateur but who cares!)                                                                      oh! by the way my friend and I made the top in 40 minutes with a hurried climb (the killer was the man-made stairs) and our decent was even more fun as we took the Ancient Māori Trading Trail (steep and rugged through the bush) yet we did that decent in 12 mins…its steep and fast but its bloody good fun.

                                                                                                                                  Where Is Wairere Falls ?

directions map Auckland to Wairere Falls 

Know your fitness levels for this a slow pace it is still manageable.       Take time and enjoy these beautiful surroundings.